Our Range

Farmhouse Pasta

We produce farmhouse-style fresh pasta including fettuccine, rigatoni, and rotini using locally-sourced, sustainable, semolina and flour. Traditional Farmhouse pasta Plain – A plain pasta made with Australian durum-wheat semolina and flour. Available as fettuccine, spaghetti, rigatoni and rotini. Wholemeal (d.v) – A plain pasta with extra fibre using a blend of durum wheat semolina and …

Farmhouse Ravioli

Beef and Red wine (d) – filled with premium Australian beef, sautéd with garlic and Australian red wine. Ham and 4-cheese – filled with double-smoked Australian ham off the bone, along with a mix of Australian cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, and cottage cheeses. Spinach and feta (v) – fresh baby spinach leaves are wilted with garlic …

Farmhouse Gnocchi

From 2020 we’ll be offering a range of farmhouse-fresh potato gnocchi including plain, flavoured, and filled varieties. Our gnocchi will be made with baked Australian-grown potato, and blended with gluten-free flour before being dusted in rice flour.

Farmhouse Sauces

From mid 2020 we’ll be making a few traditional sauces to compliment our range pf pasta, ravioli, and gnocchi, including: Tomato passata – a simple sauce that complements the flavours within our ravioli Bolognese – a rich, traditional beef and tomato bolognese sauce to accompany any of our pasta Pesto – using fresh Australian basil, …

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