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Fresh fettuccine with mushrooms and garlic

Throw some fettuccine (or your favourite pasta) in a pot of boiling water.  In a frying pan, add a generous splash of oil, some minced garlic, and sliced mushrooms. Add some cracked black pepper if you like.  A few minutes later the pasta is ready and the mushies cooked – use tongs to lift pasta …

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Colour for the eyes, flavour for the tastebuds

Baby beetroot, wholemeal, and baby spinach fettuccine

Another happy tester

We love seeing our pasta being cooked up and eaten – another pasta tester’s meal; Fresh fettuccine with a mince & veg bolognese.

Fav ravioli?

What’s your favourite ravioli?

happy taste tester

Beetroot fettuccine with a bolognese sauce

More beets

Another batch of everyone’s favourite, 100% Australian baby beetroot pasta.

Your favourite?

What’s your favourite pasta – filled or plain? 

Plz share?

Fresh spinach & ricotta ravioli

Fresh spinach & ricotta ravioli, with a tomato passata and fried mushrooms.

Handmade spinach & ricotta ravioli

Handmade Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli – what sauce would you have with them?