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Australian & safe

Our pasta, ravioli, and gnocchi is Australian made.

Australia has the best, safest, and most nutritious food in the world; and we try to source all our ingredients from local suppliers as close to our kitchen as possible.

Made in Australia from 100% Australian ingredients

We endeavour to use 100% Australian ingredients and will never drop below 98%. On those rare occasions we are unable to source 100% Australian ingredients, we’ll note that on our labels and commence working with suppliers to find Australian ingredients as soon as possible.

Our durum wheat semolina and our wholemeal flour are grown and milled in NSW.

wheat field


We invest in safety at all levels of our business, from workplace health and safety through to food safety training and procedures.

All staff are required to hold a Food Safety certificate, and we encourage (and pay) for all staff to upgrade to a Food Safety Supervisor level. This means accountability, and each staff member is expected to immediately raise any safety concerns.

Our factory kitchen is registered and inspected, and we’re well underway to gaining HACCP certification.

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