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Master pasta maker – Andrew

Brought up on a family tradition of Sunday-night spaghetti bolognese, where from a young age he’d be involved in making the sauce, or family trips to the Sydney Spaghetti Factory, Andrew developed a lifelong love of pasta dishes.

Although he has worked in numerous restaurants and cafes, for too many years his professional ‘day job’ has seen him work in IT, public relations, media, environment, and health policy roles including food regulation.

Despite this, his passion for making pasta meals has never abated. Having made fresh pasta for family and friends for some 30+ years, in 2019 he took the step of founding The Gourmet Pasta Factory to bring his unique Australian-made fresh gourmet pasta to the market.

Contact us

To speak with us, please email andrew@gourmetpastafactory.com.au

Australian & safe

Our pasta, ravioli, and gnocchi is Australian made. Australia has the best, safest, and most nutritious food in the world; and we try to source all our ingredients from local suppliers as close to our kitchen as possible. We endeavour to use 100% Australian ingredients and will never drop below 98%. On those rare occasions …

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